Pins Coming Soon

20 06 2008

Pins are going to be relased on Fantage! These pins will appear on your ID card and let people see your achievements! They will come out some time next week and here are sneak peeks of some that are coming out!

Himani also said that the pins can level up! Although she’s keeping a secret of which ones will.

Fly on Fantagians! Fever




3 responses

22 06 2008

how do you get these pins, when will they be out and where would they be?

Fever: They’re coming out next week and they will appear on your player ID

23 06 2008

I’m guessing that the veteran pin is for people that came when fantage was officially released and also for betas of fantage.
One question….Is Beta pronounced betta or beeta? I’ve always been curious about that…

Fever: Beta is pronounced betta.

24 06 2008


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