Fantage Pins or Fantage Medals

25 06 2008

Hi everyone

Himani has said that the name Fantage pins might be Fantage medals. I think Fantage medals sound better because the Fantage pins/medals is you getting rewarded for something. She also gave us much more detail about the Fantage pins/medals.

  • Unlike other sites, the Fantage Pins will be shown on the back of the ID card permanently! And you’ll be able to “level-up” to higher level Pins!
  • The levels will be added together and displayed on the front of the ID card as a number. For example, if I had a level 4 Pin and a Level 5 Pin, the level shown in front of my ID card would be 9!
  • There will be many different “Fantage Pins” to come! and to collect!

What do you think the pins/medals should be called? Vote now!




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