The Monthly Comet Issue #3

29 06 2008

Hey Fantagians! The Monthly Comet Issue #3 came out today, view it HERE

I’ve just found out that I won the contest from Issue 2! I’m really happy look

Also congratlations to Laylia and Clementine44478, check out there entries:

“What I like to do best on Fantage” by Laylia

The thing I like to do best on Fantage is help people, play, and talk to my friends. First of all, I love to help people because people have helped me when I was new so I felt like I had to take a responsibility as a Fantagian and help the other new members.

Second of all, I love to play the great games and even recommend them to my other friends that play on Fantage. I love to talk to my friends because I have been a Fantagian longer than they have so I give them all the information they need before playing a game, or throwing a party, or maybe even some tricks in the creature area.

“My Favorite Thing About Fantage” by clementine44478

My absolute favorite thing about Fantage is the clothing store, otherwise known as Le Shop. One of the many reasons to love this boutique is because it gets new and exciting items often. Almost everything there is quite afforable for practically everyone! Every time I step into Le Shop, I feel a rush of thrill. What will I buy this time? Maybe they got a new piece of clothing? Maybe the price of a particular shirt just got lowered? The list goes on and on….

Some people might say,”Why did she choose Le Shop? Why not Stellar Salon? And what’s wrong with Ottoman’s?” The answers are rather simple. First and formost, I believe that Le Shop has more merchandise than any other store on! Secondly, Le Shop supplys needs. Every Fantagian needs clothing! For example, Stellar Salon supplys luxery. Not everyone needs an addtional hairstyle, it’s just a luxery!

That’s my favorite thing about Fantage.
What’s yours?

Comic Contest

Also in the comic contest congratulations to Silvercat and Guitargodess11, they got 1st place. Also congratz to Brandonz and Parakira, they came 2nd and 3rd

1st place
Silvercat’s comic

2nd and 3rd place
Brandonz’s comic
Parakira’s comic

Current Contest

This month’s contest is something I think you guys will really like! Design your own hoverboard! The top two will be pixeled by Himani and be put in Loco Boards for all Fantagians! Once you finish designing you dream hoverboard, send your entries to, I’m definitely going to be entering this contest!

NPC Story

Orion it this months featured NPC, here’s his story:

Hey there Fantagians, I’m Orion! When I’m not in the Wizard’s Domain making your gems into rare items I’m hanging out in the Enchanted Forest! I love to play Gem Swap, that game is just soo much fun! I also love spicy foods! Mmm, delicious! The spicier the better!! -Orion

Here’s a look at Orion’s NPC ID card!

Featured User

The featured user is Alli; Alli is cheerful and helps others on Fantage, that may be why she has so many friends! When she’s not in her awesome room entertaining guests she can be found all over fantage on her pizza board!Her favorite game is Pearly Pop, she loves to play for hours! Her favorite server is Blue Tiger, since that’s where all her friends are. Chatting on her Fantage Communicator is one of her favorite things on Fantage!

Fly on Fantagians! Fever



3 responses

29 06 2008

Hello. I’m Donut. I won the design a item contest. I made the orange propeller hat. I would love to blog on this blog. If I could be a author that would be great. My email is

26 07 2008

Yo whats up??? pepps???
lol i thought that these cheats were useless but now i think there are some things that u can find out in this website.

26 07 2008

fantage is soo cool my user is zoey07649 if u see me in plz tell me u heard bout my commment…

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