Fantage Medals & Fashion Show Game

1 07 2008

Howdy Fantagians!
Fantage have finally decided to name the Fantage Pins, Fantage Medals.

Fantage apologize for the medals being late because they are discussing how to make the medal system fair. For example, the Gamer Medal; should this medal be based on High Score or number of games that one played?

Here is a quick description of the four pins that will be the first to be released:

Veteran Medal Available for those who has stayed at least two month at our site, and 1 level up for each month stayed. For example if you’ve been with us for 6 months, you’ll get level 5 Veteran Medal.

Beta Medal Available for those who signed up beta testing. This medal is set at level 3 and does not level up.

Premium User Medal Everyone knows what this is. This is the medal that you get when you become a premium member – this medal levels 2 for each month you stayed premium member. For example if you’ve been premium member for 3 months, you’ll have a level 6 Premium User Medal.

Gamer Medal For those of you who play lot of games. This medal will be given to those who played lot of games and earned many Stars! The amount of level will be decided later!

Oh yeah, how could I forget? Have you noticed the construction worker Brandon Downtown? Well he’s been working on a secret project: A Modeling Agency featuring runway and a fashion show game! Check out the Models Inc lobby area right here:

Fly on Fantagians! Fever




4 responses

6 07 2008

My new site is, please add it to your blogroll! Thanks so much!


Fever: Ok Brandonz I added it to my blogroll and good luck with your new site I hope everything works out fine.

13 07 2008
Modelling Agency Preview « Fever’s Fantage Cheats, Secrets and Tips!

[…] Fantage Medals are also nearly finished so I think they will be released some time this week. Click HERE to find more info about […]

15 08 2008

When will the modelling agency be released?

Fever: Fantage have not said yet, but I think it’ll early or mid October.

31 08 2008

hi,could you guys please open top models inc. soon!

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