Modelling Agency Preview & Cheat Video

13 07 2008

Howdy Fantagians!

Fantage have given us another preview of the modelling agency that is coming very soon. This is the runway. It is seperated into a dressing area, and the runway area with judging and spectator area. I think it looks really cool and will be great fun!

The Fantage Medals are also nearly finished so I think they will be released some time this week. Click HERE to find more info about them.

The Fantage contest ends in two weeks and Fantage wants your hover board design. If you win your board will be put in the Loco Board shop for everyone to buy. When you’ve finished your design send it to

Cheat Video and Youtube Channel

I made a Youtube channel today and will be posting loads of cheats videos, guides and much more! To start off the channel I did a Cheat guide ‘How to stand on top of the furniture shop’. Please subscribe, rate and comment on my videos and channel. Subscribe to my channel HERE. My cheat video is below.




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13 07 2008

I think this will be really fun!

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