Fantage Medals Released!

19 07 2008

UPDATE: I’ve added some more funny pics click HERE to see them.

Hey Fantagians, Guess what!

The Fantage Medals have finally been released and they look really cool! Find out all about them below!

At the front of your player card underneath your character it’ll say your user level. On the far right your player ID there’s an arrow, if you click it it’ll show you your medals. Here is the front of my player ID.

When you flip your player ID you’ll be able to see all your medals. I have all the medals! 😀 Also at the bottom if you click Medal Guide some information will pop up about all the medals, how you get them and how much they increase your user level. Here is the back of my player ID.

Don’t know anything about the medals? Don’t worry, I’ve made a guide below!

What’s your favourite medal? Leave a comment!

Fly on Fantagians! Fever                        

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3 responses

20 07 2008

Beta Tester Medal all the way!!!
~Your buddy Virus

Fever: Hey Virus and yeah that’s my favourite too 😀

11 10 2008

not sure

12 10 2008

did you know you could put polls in your blog?

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