New Hair & New Moderator

29 07 2008

Hola Fantagians!

Well you all know about the upcoming fashion show game? Fantage gave us some sketches of what some of the girls hair will look like. They all won’t be black. Also the boys hair sneak peek will be coming soon,

Lastly there is a new mod on Fantage! His/her name is M. He/she is the one that wrote this post. If I find out anymore info about the new mod I’ll let you know.

Fly on Fantagians! Fever




3 responses

31 07 2008

oh this is so gonna own! i can’t wait!

30 08 2008
Courtney .W.

Hey Fever!!!! You may not know who this is but if u remeber TayTay10291029 on fantage thats me and i wanted to say i am a big fan!!!!

Fever: Yep, I remember you 🙂

12 09 2008

hey fever do you work for fantage

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