The Comet Issue #4

31 07 2008

The Comet Issue #4 has just been released. To find out all about it read below!

Contest Winners

Congrats to Donut, Strawberystar, and Mangagal on winning the Board Design Contest! Here’s what their boards look like in Loco Boards.

The winner of the comic competiton was my good friend Sameer1000! Also the runners up were Pynkk and Laiying. Congratulations to all of the competion winners!

Sameer1000’s Comic
Pynkk’s Comic
Laiying’s Comic

Featured User

I’m also proud to say that my friend Gilliane is this months featured user! Here’s a bit about her. She’s dreamed of being a fashion designer since nursery, she loved to meet and hang out with friends. Her favourite servers are Blue Tiger and Silver Bunny, her favourite board is the red convertable!

NPC Story

This issue’s NPC Story includes Stella. Here’s some info about Stella. Hey ya’ll! I’m Stella now let me tell you about myself. I’m a designer and I love making things look good. I’m busy getting ready for the fashion show, but in my spare time I love to go dancing and go shopping. Mmhhmm, shiny! One of my models just broke a heal, gotta run!

Current Contests

This month’s contest is something I think you guys will really like! Design your own hairstyle! The top two designs, one girl one guy, will be pixeled and be put in our Stellar Salon for all Fantagians! Once you finish designing you dream hairstyle, send your entries to and title along the lines of “Contest – Hair Design”. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!

Here’s the blank comic fill it in and you might win!

Fly on Fantagians! Fever

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