Goodbye :(

25 08 2009

Hey Fantagians, long time no see..

I’m afraid I will no longer be playing Fantage as you may have noticed.

I have an Xbox 360 now with Live so I’m on that alot of the time, my gamertag is Onlyy Me or may be changed to Give Up x.

I’m still going to keep this site open for you to look around so no worry’s.

Fantage is a great game and I do encourage people to play it, the game has come a long way since I was a beta in it. Also before some of you may ask, no, I’m not going to give my account away, except mabye for a Xbox live membership or some Microsoft points.

Thanks for visiting my site, got many hits now and what I wanted is to help people with the game so thanks and mabye you too can create a Fantage site.


Thanks and laterZ!

–  Fever