Fantage Forum

I have my own forum! It’s great fun and useful for begginers to Fantage and even experienced players. You can have as much fun as you want but you must stick to the rules aswell.

Here are the forum rules:

No swearing – Swearing will result in a ban.

No sexual language – Talking in the sexual language will result in a ban.

No double posting – This means no posting the same post continuesly. Constantly double posting will eventually lead to a ban.

No advertising – This includes websites, forums, videos etc..advertising is only allowed in signatures.

No impersonating – Impersonating someone will lead to a ban if used inappropriately.

Have fun – Not having fun will result as a ban, hehe.

Go to the forum now!


2 responses

11 10 2008

Haha, I didn’t get banned for not having fun.

14 10 2008

i alaways have fun on fantage! i can never really be bored! unless my friends aren’t on but i hang with other ppl to!

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