Funny Pictures

These are some funny pictures I have made. Feel free to put them on your site but you must leave credit to me (Fever) and a link to

This is my new look, what do you think?

I don’t like monkeys anymore…

That was the last time I saw Ben 😦

To think I payed good starZ for that lazy worker!

Don’t ask…

I’m watching you…

Hope you like them, please leave a comment.


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29 05 2008

You Copied The Last One From Wind And Slippys Site Please say underneath (thanks to wind and slippy for the idea)

If Not You are breaching copyright

Fever: I made the idea up myself, and made the pic myself so I’m not breaching copyright.

30 05 2008
Tanuki I

lol nice pics.

Fever: Thanks, more coming soon πŸ˜€

21 06 2008

the 1 with d boy stuck in d sand is so funny!!!!!!!!!^_^

Fever: Nice to see you like it.

21 06 2008

so so funny

23 06 2008


23 06 2008


1 07 2008

hahahaha!!!! soooo funny great job on the photos!!! ^_^

πŸ˜€ :]

2 07 2008

i like the monkey one!

7 07 2008

haha those are funny
hope you keep doing ur best!

9 07 2008
Dark Crow200

found you! lol

12 07 2008

Hi fever ur pics rock like crazy!!!Hey if u want to meet me at fantage,Meet me at the butterfly server My name is demijonas.Meet u there!!!

Fever: I’m glad you like the pics, if you want to meet me I go on the Silver Bunny server and hang about Downtown. Cya there πŸ™‚

18 07 2008

best pics yet =D

30 07 2008


4 08 2008

:3 Hai Hai,
Very awesome thingiez!

22 08 2008

i like the pics um how do u do a site

Fever: There are a few places where you can make a site, but I think the best is

22 08 2008

please answer

25 08 2008
david f

how did you make your board disappear when you were a castle guard

Fever: I edited the pic.

4 09 2008

ermm when ben asked u there was a correction the spelling of maybe is MAYBE u said Mabye!!!!!!and guess what i shouted real hard for that sleeping worker XD.

9 09 2008

ben is ma bro he n he never told me about u!?!?!?

im gonna ask him……..

21 09 2008

hey luv the funny pics! lolz i have a great idea for a funny pic!! ok here it is, well my friend poggle1234 was once called poggle the penguin, maybe you could draw a penguin on her and say “POGGLE THE PENGUIN?!” and she could be saying “ya?, what about it?”!!!!!!! LOLZ!!!!!!! meet model_7777777 (me) and poggle1234 on fantage tomorrow (9/20/08) in pink cow at 7:30 p.m in the uptown got it? awesome see ya there!!!!!!! By the way i might be a little late ’cause my b-day party is tomorrow!!!!!!! (YAY!!!!!!!) LOLZ

30 09 2008

Ummm fever u r brill i read ur club penguin blog as well!!!!!! ITZ WICKED!!!!!! o yea on fantage if u want 2 find me i am normally downtown on blue tiger. does it cost any money to have ur own blog????????????????????? plz tell me i want 2 b as popular as u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 10 2008

awsome website ill take a look tomarow ill be on silver bunny downtown so mabe ill see u there!

7 10 2008


9 10 2008

Haha, these pictures are so funny. Nice work

10 10 2008


11 10 2008

awwww<3 soooosossooso cute!
these r like funnyer then wind and slippys i dont mean to b rude but urs is cuuuter and a lil bit funner! lolololololol!<3
love ya,
ifu ever see me b my bf please!

Fever: Hey Nicole, whats your e-mail address?

14 10 2008

Ha Ha! I love it! Thats so funny! lol

14 10 2008

lol i cant see the first ones but i saw the ben one thats funny! my computer isnt working right now for some reason but thats funny lol

17 10 2008

Hi Fever. awsome pics. very funny πŸ™‚

On fantage my name is Calea and im a little bit stuck. i would like to know how to get involved with betta testing. could you help me please?

from Calea/Ashleigh

Fever: I’m glad you like my pics. Sorry but you can’t sign up for the beta testing, it ended early this year.

18 10 2008

ohh ok. well thanks for letting me know. πŸ™‚

18 10 2008

so….wen did u have to join to be a betta tester?

i joined 3 months ago….

so that doesnt make me able to b a tester does it?

18 10 2008

omg check uptown fantage! its well cool. all funkyed up for halloween! radicall

19 10 2008

hi i am new here and i got another one go to the cofee shop by the downtown and look at the clock it is 00:00 say (what time is it?!)

24 10 2008

the clock allways says 00:00

it never changes. dont worry

11 12 2008
. . .

In top models can you buy things inside? I am a premium member and i can go in but it is all dark and creepy…. Was it ever bright and could you buy things in there???? I really want to know because i want to buy that STUFF!

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