About Fever

  Me on Fantage

My name on Fantage is Fever and I started playing Fantage early March 08 so that makes me a beta D

I go on Fantage mostly everyday and I’ll accept any friend requests until my list is full. I go on the server Silver Bunny and hang about Downtown, Uptown or the Beach, if Silver Bunny is empty I may go on Blue Tiger. If you ever see me on Green Giraffe it means I’m doing something that needs privacy so please leave me alone.

Please join my forum, it’s great fun! http://FantageCheats.forumotion.com

I make videos, please subscribe! http://uk.youtube.com/user/Fantagian

I started this site to help new people around Fantage and tell everyone about new updates and news. I always put all my effort into putting the best posts about new Fantage news and cheats. If you have any questions or need to tell me something Fantage related leave a comment and I’ll always reply Here’s my player ID.


Me in real life

My name in real life is Ben and I am 14 years old. I live in England and like to entertain people. Some of my hobbies are playing online games, making new friends and blogging. Below are some quick facts about me:

Favourite film
I Am Legend, 300, Shaun of the Dead, American Pie series, Scary Movie series.

Favourite music
RnB and fast music with a good beat.

Favourite TV shows
Heroes and Doctor Who

Computer time
I go on the computer most of my spare time


7 responses

1 07 2008

i love “i am legend” it is a great movie but sad because he had to kill his dog

Fever: I didn’t like that bit too, really upsetting because he loved his dog so much 😦

4 08 2008

:] Wow…
lotsa medals!

Fever: Thanks.

14 09 2008

i luv your website

5 10 2008

I can’t find the pages?!?
What’s wrong?

Fever: Fixed, I’ve put the pages on one page now.

14 10 2008

hey i bet you heard from a couple of timeonthe funny pics… i was looking up fantage on google and found your website and i love it! nice job!
if you ever want to meet on fantage my name is kiva. lol simple right?
im ussually on the world pink cow, i think its called.
i think that would be awesome to meet you!


16 10 2008

Hey Fever!
I was wondering if you new when the costumes are coming out and if they are just for members?



17 10 2008

Hi fever.

iv suscribed to you on you tube. (making u acheive your 50th suscription goal 🙂 )
and i have allso added u. my name is AshleighSince1995 🙂

i am allso 13 lol. i live in scotland.



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